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Experience our world class VIP Miami Concierge Services at Club Brookers.  We provide unmatched luxurious facilities that you won’t get anywhere in the world. At Club Bookers, we aim at providing unparalleled VIP table booking & bottle services wherein you can be assured of experiencing nothing less than perfection.
Live your best-ever life with our exclusive Miami VIP concierge services.
Do you have a distinct taste when it comes to enjoying luxury? We have the right resources to fulfill your desires. Through our esteemed connections, we are committed to delivering exceptional lifestyle experiences to our guests in Miami.
Whether you are a long-time Miami resident or a seasoned visitor, or just wish to enjoy the trip of your lifetime, we ensure that every moment in this majestic city is unforgettable.
Right from luxury transportation through sports cars, yachts, boats, and private jets to world-class accommodations at high-end villas, to exclusive tickets to sold-out VIP events & activities, with our esteemed lifestyle management services, we offer everything that Miami has to offer at your fingertips.
Need a sports car to show off your luxury? With Club Bookers Miami, there is no request too big or too small. Just name it, and we are here at your service!

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    Our Miami Concierge Services:

    When you are looking for VIP table bookings at the most elite clubs in the world, we have got you covered through our exclusive concierge services. Live your ultimate nightlife dreams by ensuring table bookings through our concierge services. Through our 24/7 concierge services, we aim at providing the best-in-class table booking and bottle services to our guests all around the world. Once you arrive at the club, we have got you covered –right from the table bookings to bottle services, exclusive parties, DJ experiences, guestlist services, VIP personal services, and so more.


    We offer access to world-class accommodations including villas, holiday homes, and apartments to rent in Miami. Moreover, you can be assured of great rates and impressive availability for Miami rentals with us. Therefore, we allow you to enjoy the exclusivity of some of the most beautiful and serene locations all around the majestic city. As a result, you can reach out to us right away to go through the myriad of options for luxury villas at lucrative price options.
    With luxurious penthouses, villas, and condos in some of the most sought-after neighborhoods of Miami -including, The Venetian Islands, North Bay Road, and South Beach, we know that choosing the best rental home for your stay can be an overwhelming decision. We take it personally for our clients. Our team of VIP luxury concierge specialists takes vacation rentals seriously. Therefore, we make sure that we meet all your standards of excellence.

    Sports Cars

    Do you wish to travel in style while in Miami? As a result, we offer our clients a comprehensive assortment of top-class sports cars that are available for streamlining your transportation experiences.  Most importantly, Club Bookers Miami offers its clients an impressive array of options for luxury transportation -including sports cars. Through our luxury transportation services, we are committed to delivering the highest level of comfort, luxury, and convenience. We ensure that you reach your destination refreshed and relaxed all the time.
    For those who love sports and exotic cars, Club Bookers Miami offers premium VIP concierge services in the city. Moreover, discover Miami like never before as you get to enjoy luxurious moments with some of the most exclusive sports cars. Some leading models that you can hire are Audi, Ferrari, BMW, Mclaren, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Mercedes Benz series.
    Are you searching for a bespoke driver-chauffeur car transportation service? Most importantly, a luxury sports car rental service package? As a result, we are available 24/7 for quick & efficient transfers within the city.  Moreover, luxury sports car rental services are the best ways of exploring and making the most of your trip to this famous city. As a result, we have access to a splendid fleet of famous sports cars at the best prices.

    Yachts & Boats

    We also offer Miami yachts and boat hire services. As a result, our exclusive team offers access to an extensive range of luxury boats and yachts -including sailboats and motorboats, for rent. Moreover, we offer access to luxury transportation with or without crew. As a result, you can rent one of our boats or luxury yachts and get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenes of expansive Miami water bodies with complete exclusivity.
    Most importantly, with our impressive list of reliable connections and contacts, our top-class luxury concierge providers deliver everything that a yacht or boat guest would need during the trip. As a result, our concierge services include:
    • Crew staffing & management
    • Itinerary planning
    • Floristry
    • Party & supply sourcing
    • Airport transportation and flight arrangement
    • Boat transportation
    • General care for the guests
    • Arrangement of local excursions
    • Party planning and event management

    More VIP Miami Concierge Services

    Miami is rightly described as the city that never sleeps. Therefore, when you are in Miami, you have access to 24/7 entertainment in the form of rocking parties, activities, and VIP events taking all around the city. As a result, right from spell-binding dance performances to high-end concerts, theatres, clubbing events, fashion shows, culinary fairs, and art shows, we come up with a dedicated event calendar for Miami to offer something exciting every day during your stay.
    Moreover, our exclusive network of high-end contacts offer the assurance that we are capable of arranging access to even the sold-out tickets for top-class activities and VIP events in the city. Most importantly, from exclusive private events to red carpet events, we can get you in effortlessly.
    As a result, our VIP concierge service program serves to be an exceptionally unique service for important guests. Most importantly, we treat every guest like a VIP client. Therefore, we perform in-depth checks on every detail to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for our guests. Moreover, with our VIP concierge services, we take immense pride in maintaining the highest levels of luxury services in Miami.
    • Airport transfers
    • Luxury sightseeing
    • Snorkeling tours
    • Private dinner events
    • Spa & wellness
    • Helicopter transportation
    • Cruise ocean drive
    • Miami & beaches seaplane tours
    • Sailing boat tour
    Moreover, featuring an exclusive contact list, Club Bookers Miami has become the ‘go-to’ option for VIP Miami concierge services including attending VIP events and activities. Therefore, we also help with the creation of top-class VIP events that are effectively managed as well as coordinated -right from planning to its execution. As a result,  we have meticulous attention-to-detail to ensure that every aspect of VIP event planning is met.
    Our Worldwide Concierge Service includes

    Yacht & Boat Hires

    Private Jet Reservations

    Sportscar Hires

    Access to special VIP Events

    Luxury Travel Arrangements

    Spa & Wellness Reservations

    Members Club Introductions

    Exclusive leisure activities

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