Skybar Mondrian

Skybar Mondrian

8440 Sunset Blvd

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    Skybar Mondrian Los Angeles Bottle Service and VIP Table Booking

    The elegant Skybar of the famous Hotel Mondrian in Los Angeles offers high-end international travelers and affluent locals a great clubbing backdrop -both during the day and night. Those attractive or wealthy enough can easily slip through the luxury door of the renowned Sunset Boulevard. Here, you can relax by the sunset pool scene while lazing around in white pool chairs.

    As evening comes up, business people, fashionable social personalities, and rich hotel guests flock the bar area of the venue. The bar has been set in a beautiful open hut featuring teak wood flooring and white-draped windows. The expansive views of the venue offer overlooking the grandeur of the impressive LA skyline. The entire atmosphere of the region is airy and luxurious.

    Skybar Mondrian Los Angeles Information

    What is the Address of Skybar Mondrian Los Angeles?

    The Skybar Pool at the Mondrian is situated at the conjunction of the famous Sunset Boulevard and Olive Dr inside the renowned Mondrian Hotel.

    What is the Price for Skybar Mondrian Bottle Service?

    The minimums for bottle services at Skybar Mondrian usually range between $400 and $1200. The price would ultimately depend on the available talent and the particular night or event in the nightclub. Club Bookers Los Angeles handles Skybar Mondrian Los Angeles Bottle Services and its reservations along with VIP table bookings.

    What is the Price for a VIP Table at Skybar Mondrian?

    You can get the cheapest table option at Skybar Mondrian in the form of the Patio or Hut table for as many as 4 guests. It can cost around $400 as the minimum spend. You can spend the minimum on food and drinks as well. The largest table option at the impressive Skybar Mondrian Los Angeles is the large hut or large patio tables. They offer seating to around 12 guests at a time. They feature a minimum spend of around $1200.

    What is the Menu of Skybar Mondrian?

    Skybar Mondrian is known to accept events and private parties. Therefore, it features a comprehensive range of in-house kitchen services and a fully-fledged bar area. Mixologists present in the open area are capable of customizing a wide range of mixed drinks, cocktails, and desserts as well. You can come across specialty cocktails here -starting at $16. Bottles start for $200 (for champagnes) and $350 (or premium drinks).

    What is the Dress Code for Skybar Mondrian?

    While Skybar serves to be a pool party venue, it does not imply that you should not dress to impress. Swimwear is highly welcomed. Avoid trying on banana hammocks or speedos. You can go with Euro shorts. Avoid wearing sportswear and jerseys.
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